BA Major

Develop your visual art practice within a well-rounded and stimulating, challenging academic environment while exploring critical theory and art history in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in visual art at UBC.

As a VISA student, you will enjoy a program that combines an emphasis on visual art practice with a broad range of elective courses that provide ample room for study in other areas of interest (including a minor or second major).

Held in studio environments, our visual art classes foster individual creative production and visual literacy in a lively atmosphere of instructor-led debate, discussion, and critique.

Program Requirements

  • 9 credits of VISA 110, VISA 180, and VISA 183 with a cumulative average of at least 72%; in exceptional circumstances, VISA 110 may be taken as a co-requisite with select 200-level VISA courses
  • 6 credits of 100- or 200-level ARTH. Normally completed across years 1 and 2
  • 12 credits from 200-level VISA with a cumulative average of at least 72% (only one of VISA 240 or 241 may count toward the VISA major)

  • VISA 380: Studio Theory
  • 9 credits of 300- or 400-level ARTH
  • 18 credits of 300- or 400-level VISA studio courses, of which at least 3 credits must be 400-level VISA
  • Students may substitute a maximum of 6 credits in EDCP (only EDCP 303, 305) courses for VISA course requirements

Declaring the Major

After you have completed all the courses with the minimum grades noted under “lower level” above, you can request to declare the major by emailing the undergraduate advisor.

Course Planning

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