The diploma in art history offers a rigorous and condensed introduction to the discipline.

Equivalent to the upper-level requirements for the art history major, the diploma prepares students who hold a degree in another field for graduate work in art history and/or curatorial studies.

The program is also tailored to students who have a keen interest in the history of art and visual culture and who wish to deepen their knowledge through reading, writing, and research in an academic setting.

The diploma may be completed in as little as one year, via full-time studies, or up to five years of part-time studies.

The diploma program requires 30 credits of courses in ARTH numbered 300 or higher. Students may count no more than 6 credits of cross-listed courses offered by other departments toward the requirements. Only 6 credits of C standing may count toward the diploma requirements.

Of the 30 credits required, a diploma student must complete the following:

  • 3 credits of ARTH 300 Seminar on Methods and Approaches in Art History
  • 15 credits of art history courses numbered 300 or higher in a geographical, chronological, or thematic area of focus*
  • 9 credits in art history courses numbered 300 or higher in areas that are chronologically and/or geographically distinct from the 15 credit focus*
  • 3 credits in a 400-level art history seminar

Students must determine all courses in consultation with the art history undergraduate advisor.

Applying to the Diploma in Art History

Applicants to the program must already have a first degree in another discipline. Upon admission to the diploma in art history, students must consult with the undergraduate advisor before registration.

  1. Log into the Student Service Centre with your CWL (Campus-Wide Login).
  2. Click “Admissions” from the top menu.
  3. Choose “Re-admission.”
  4. Click “I would like to re-apply to a different program.”
  5. Choose “Diploma in Art History.”

  1. Visit EducationPlannerBC.
  2. Create a profile (which includes personal information, contact information, and academic history).
  3. Follow the steps to apply for admission via the Apply menu. When prompted, choose: UBC Vancouver for "campus"; Winter session for "term"; Diploma in Art History for "program."
  4. Follow instructions for submitting required documents, including proof of prior degree and, in some cases, proof of English language competency.

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