BA Minor in Visual Art Program

The minor in visual art is suitable for students in a major or honours program with a specialization other than visual art. It allows to students to complement their primary studies with the study and practice of visual art and art history. This program encourages students to explore and develop their technical skills, as well as their perceptions of contemporary and historical visual culture. The minor requires the completion of 39 credits (13 courses), per the requirements listed below.

BA Minor VISA Program Requirements

  • 9 credits of 100-level VISA: VISA 110, VISA 180/182, and VISA 183 with a cumulative average of at least 72%
  • 6 credits of 100- or 200-level ARTH
  • 6 credits of 200-level VISA with a cumulative average of at least 72%
  • 6 credits from ARTH 300-level and above
  • 12 credits from VISA 300-level and above

When Can I Declare the Minor in Visual Art?

The minor in visual art may be declared upon the successful completion of all the 100/200-level courses and minimum grades noted above. Declaring is restricted and requires consultation with the undergraduate advisor.

Registration in Upper-Level VISA Courses

Registration in 300/400-level VISA courses is restricted to VISA majors. VISA minors must submit their registration requests (including course number and section number) to the undergraduate advisor. After all VISA majors have had the opportunity to self-register, VISA minors are registered in any remaining spaces. Due to the very high demand for 300/400-level VISA courses by majors, VISA minors must be aware that they may not get a seat in their preferred courses. Declaration of the VISA minor does not guarantee registration in courses.

For additional information (or to declare the minor) please email the undergraduate advisor at