BA Minor in Visual Art Program

The minor in visual art is suitable for students in a major or honours program with a specialization other than visual art. It allows to students to complement their primary studies with the study and practice of visual art and art history. This program encourages students to explore and develop their technical skills, as well as their perceptions of contemporary and historical visual culture. The minor requires the completion of 39 credits (13 courses), per the requirements listed below.

BA Minor VISA Program Requirements

  • 9 credits of 100-level VISA: VISA 110, VISA 180/182, and VISA 183 with a cumulative average of at least 72%
  • 6 credits of 100- or 200-level ARTH, 3 of which must be ARTH 227
  • 6 credits of 200-level VISA with a cumulative average of at least 72%
  • 6 credits from ARTH 300-level and above
  • 12 credits from VISA 300-level and above

The minor can be declared upon completion of the 100- and 200-level requirements. Declaring is restricted and requires an appointment with the undergraduate advisor.

To declare or for additional information, please email