Art History FAQs

Diploma in Art History

No. The requirement is that previous courses can apply only  if they were:

  • Taken at UBC
  • Taken within the past five years
  • Taken above and beyond what counted toward your previous degree.

Hence, even if you took some art history electives as an undergraduate at UBC, they will not count toward the diploma if they were used as part of the fulfillment of the 120 UBC credits needed to graduate.

In addition, nor can you take summer (or other) courses at a different institution and apply them to the UBC Diploma in Art History.

Art history courses are not usually offered in the summer. Check the online calendar (released each January) to see what will be offered in the coming summer session.

Yes: to ensure that diploma students are fully informed about our course offerings, program requirements, and recommendations, we require all diploma students to consult with the undergraduate advisor, Greg Gibson.

The diploma can be completed in one year if the student carries a full load of five courses per term, or the diploma can be taken on a part-time basis. Each diploma student can take up to five courses a term, or as few as one, depending on what best meets their study needs.

You must have already completed an undergraduate degree in a field other than art history.

This depends entirely on how many courses a student chooses to take per term. While the diploma could be completed in one year if students take a full load of five courses per term, that can be a heavy load. Students may wish to take fewer courses per term in order to support higher achievement in those courses, especially if they have plans to apply for graduate school.

Major or Minor in Art History

Yes. It is possible to construct a program that will fulfill all the requirements of BAs in visual art and art history within the requisite 120 credits. Beginning in the first year, such a program must be planned very carefully in order to complete it within four years.

Combining a BFA with a BA in ARTH will usually take longer than four years, because of the BFA’s more expansive credit requirements.

ARTH majors need to meet with the undergraduate advisor, Greg Gibson, to discuss their chosen area of focus. However, no formal application is required to enter the ARTH major or minor.

Undergraduate Advisor Greg Gibson can be reached by: