BA Major in Art History Program

The BA Major in Art History exposes students to a wide range of art historical periods and topics, as well as critical theories, while taking into account the constantly extending reach of visual studies in a globalized world.

BA Major in Art History Program Requirements

Lower Level

Students take any 12 credits in 100- or 200-level ARTH. ARTH 101 and/or 102 are strongly recommended as an introduction to the discipline. Students may count 6 credits of VISA towards these 12 credits. Students enter the major program upon the completion of the 100- and 200-level art history program requirements and the accumulation of at least 54 credits.

Upper Level

The minimum requirements for the major in art history are 30 credits in the upper level (typically taken in the third and fourth years) focused as follows:

  • 3 credits of ARTH 300 Seminar on Methods and Approaches in Art History
  • 15 credits of art history courses numbered 300 or higher in a geographical, chronological, or thematic area of focus*
  • 9 credits in art history courses numbered 300 or higher in areas that are chronologically and/or geographically distinct from the 15 credit focus*
  • 3 credits in a 400-level art history seminar

* All of these courses must be determined in consultation with the Art History Undergraduate Advisor, Greg Gibson.

No more than 6 credits of cross-listed courses (indicated in course descriptions as “Equivalent: xxx”) offered by other departments may be counted toward the minimum requirements for the art history major.