Marina Roy: Gillian Wearing: A Trilogy

In her documentations of contemporary social life, Gillian Wearing brings viewers into direct contact with the poignancy of human relationships: sensitive connections based on love, entanglements fraught with dysfunction and abuse or, more likely, associations that embody the utter complexity of human psychology. This book documents the first solo exhibition of Gillian Wearing’s work in Canada and brings together a trilogy of her video installations: Drunk, I Love You and Prelude.

Gillian Wearing: A Trilogy was published on the occasion of an exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Daina Augaitis with assistance from Melanie O’Brian, and presented from July 13 to October 27, 2002.

Edited Daina Augaitis
Essays by Daina Augaitis, Mark Beasley, Russell Ferguson, Marina Roy