Gu Xiong: The Unknown Remains

The Unknown Remains, Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History, Nelson, BC. Aug. 24 – Nov. 2, 2019. It was a large exhibition and explored migration issues. The show occupied two gallery spaces (2000sq.ft) at the museum and brought such a pertinent historical topic up to today. Through the unveiling of hidden historical narratives, the interweaving of everyday stories once set aside as inconsequential, and the convergence of contemporary art and archival material, it is not only revealed, but created a greater communal connection in the Nelson region.

Historically, migration has started since the early colonization period centuries ago. While stepping into the post-colonial period with the rapid development of globalization, migration has been a complicated issue and global phenomenon, which affects everyone’s life for many reasons. Starting from presenting Canadian migrant workers and their historical connections, Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition The Unknown Remains at Touchstone Nelson aims to raise the topic by looking back to the history of Chinese railway workers in Nelson and further links to the present. Instead of simply addressing historical retrospect, the exhibition focuses more on exploring the present issue and raising the attention and discussion from both historical and present angles. For the audiences, it also provides an opportunity for them to systematically confront and consider their own presence within the globalization and its huge migration trend.

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