Gu Xiong: Red River

This is a 15-page catalogue of Gu Xiong’s solo exhibition, Red River, held at Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaRed River was a multimedia installation.

The following text is taken from the essay “Toward The New Frontier” by Petra Watson (the curator of this exhibition).

“Gu Xiong’s four-channel video installation and photographs exhibited in Red River depict three rivers coming together as a spatial metaphor for globalization; the concept of flow within this transformative landscape defies any absolute boundaries, either physical or psychological. The river is brought forward to represent place and to give spatial interpretation to global fluidity addressing economic, political, social, and cultural change in a transnational mobile world.

Rivers communicate in ways that are constantly indeterminate. Fluidity defies stability, and the river no longer draws from any immutable continuity with nature; the river is now entangled with culture. This thematic of mobility encountered as a journey and taken up by river views is the central encounter or passage through the exhibition.

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