Gu Xiong and Andrew Hunter: Ding Ho / Group of 7

A 60-page catalogue published by McMichael Canadian Art Collection, featuring Gu Xiong’s mixed media installation in collaboration with Andrew Hunter.

This collaborative installation by Vancouver artist Gu Xiong and Dundas, Ontario-based artist and curator Andrew Hunter includes artworks, family photos, and artefacts from the Cultural Revolution and Chinese/Canadian restaurants exhibited alongside paintings by the Group of Seven. In Ding Ho/Group of 7, the lines between artworks, artefacts, and common objects are blurred and the traditional authoritative ‘voice of the institution’ and official history are challenged.

In Andrew Hunter’s words, “For Gu Xiong and I, this project is about dialogue and change, about rethinking one’s past and seeing it through the eyes of another, about movement and migration (both physical and philosophical) and the constant struggle to form a sense of identity that is a hybrid of many identities. Ding Ho/ Group of 7 is about being Canadian.”

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