Gareth James & Florian Zeyfang: I said I love. That’s the promise the T-Video politics of Jean-Luc Godard

I said I love. That is the promise. The TVideo politics of Jean-Luc Godard< focuses on the filmmaker’s often neglected work with television and video and his collaboration with Anne-Marie Miéville in the 1970s. The starting point is the thesis that Godard’s encounter with television reformulated the aesthetic, political and gender-specific understanding of image and sound. What is called ‘TVideopolitik’ here derives its political power from the fact that it takes images from an economy of reproduction and recognizes their function in an economy of production and distribution. The papers analyze film, television and art as practices of representation and claim that Godard’s turn to television involves “provocation: what it is to see and to think”.

With texts by: Kaja Silverman, Elisabeth Büttner, Dave Beech, Manthia Diawara, Simon Sheikh, Jason Simon, Stephan Geene and Michael Eng as well as pictures from an exhibition.

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