Gu Xiong and Xu Bing: Here is what I Mean

A 15-page catalogue published by the Museum London, London, ON, featuring Gu Xiong and Xu Bing’s collaborative exhibition.

Gu Xiong and Xu Bing are compatriots from the People’s Republic of China who shared experiences through the Cultural Revolution and the development of the Chinese Avant-Garde movement in the 1980s. Each subsequently emigrated to North America: Gu Xiong to Canada (where he now lives in Vancouver) and Xu Bing to New York.

The exhibition includes part of Xu Bing’s acclaimed Book from the Sky – in which the artist has created hundreds of artificial Chinese characters and printed them in books and on scrolls – as well as calligraphy scrolls, a classroom installation and an interactive computer font project. Gu Xiong contributes an installation of sixteen square drawings on canvas, which report on everyday objects and events encountered in his immigrant experience, and several large-scale paintings where text-like images describe the artist’s view of the detritus of Western consumer culture.

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