Saygin Salgirli

PhD (Binghamton)
MA (Sabancı)
BA (Koç)

Saygin Salgirli received his PhD from Binghamton University in 2009. His research situates early Ottoman and Islamic art and architecture in the larger field of Mediterranean Studies with a methodology that perceives cross-cultural exchange not as an exception but as the very condition of the Mediterranean in the medieval and early modern periods. Rather than linear narratives that focus on singular moments of exchange, he utilizes conceptual comparisons, which allow temporal and spatial flexibilities, and bring together seemingly unconnected works or art and architecture.

Salgirli’s current research is on the architecture of fourteenth-century Bursa, the first Ottoman capital. Approaching architecture (from patronage to form and function) as an integral component of early Ottoman governmental strategies, he connects the local building practices in Bursa to their Mediterranean counterparts through a concept he terms “architecture of governmentality.”


Winter 2021

ARTH102 Crisis and Contradiction in Art and the Built Environment Sections

Concepts and issues critical to the understanding of art and its histories in a global context.

Winter 2021

ARTH225 Art, Patrons, and Audiences in the Middle Ages Sections

A thematic study of the relationship between patrons and audiences in painting, sculpture, and architecture through the 15th century.

Winter 2021
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No ARTH course(s) were found for W2021 term.