Manuel Piña

BASc (Vladimir Polytechnic Institute)

Manuel Piña Baldoquín
La Habana, 1958

Graduated as a mechanical engineer in Vladimir, Russia, in 1983.
Started artistic practice in early 1990s.

Current technological and economical conditions make possible today’s unprecedented proliferation of image-making devices and of new, equally powerful means for their dissemination.

The result is an unparalleled production and distribution of digital still and video images. Mostly of vernacular character, such images convey uncompromising explorations of these mediums. The scale of this phenomenon signals a paradigm shift in the way images are conceived, consumed and understood, and indicate the emergence of new visual languages.

This shift confronts us with a central question: What is an image today?

His artistic research is concerned with this question and the potentials of such emerging languages to reflect on and shape our contemporary human experience.

His courses aim to investigate artistic forms emerging from our current conditions and the changes in the social role of images.

Work has been exhibited in the Americas and Europe including the Havana Biennale; the Estambul Biennale; Kunsthalle Vienna; Grey Gallery, New York; LACMA, Los Angeles; DAROS Museum, Zurich.


Winter 2020

VISA340 Intermediate Photography I Sections

An investigation of approaches to photography and its meaning in the context of contemporary art. The term theme will be determined by the instructor. B and W, colour and digital production.

Winter 2020

VISA582 MFA Studio VI Sections

Winter 2020

VISA581 MFA Studio V Sections