Ignacio Adriasola

PhD, MA (Duke)
MA, BA (Chiba)

Ignacio Adriasola specializes in the history of art in modern Japan. His research addresses three interrelated concerns: avant-gardism and the question of art and politics; gender and sexuality in art and visual culture; and the transfer and circulation of objects and ideas to and from Japan in the modern period. His essays and translations have appeared in the journals positions (Duke University Press), October (MIT Press), the Review of Japanese Culture and Society (Josai University), Ars Orientalis (Freer and Sackler Galleries), and Archives of Asian Art (Duke University Press).

Melancholy Sites, his current book project, investigates the development of an aesthetics of political disaffection by Japanese artists and intellectuals in the aftermath of the Anpo crisis of 1960. The book addresses this generation’s exploration of perverse desire, the reliance on hermetic thought, and procedures and images such as fragments and the ruin in their interrogation of self and community at the perceived end of progress.

Adriasola teaches courses in Japanese and Asian art of both historic and modern periods, as well as modernism. In addition to projects examining art and visual culture in Japan, he advises on projects examining the reception and re-formulation of modernism outside Europe and North America.

Prospective students seeking to carry out graduate studies on Japanese or East Asian topics should be aware of the high level of linguistic and cultural proficiency these subfields require. On application, students should be able to demonstrate that they already have attained a reasonable level of proficiency, which can be further built upon during coursework.


Winter 2021

ARTH253 Asian Architecture: Sacred and Urban Spaces Sections

Select built forms in Asia, such as temples, tombs, palaces, cities and gardens, and their relations to cultural, social and political systems.

Winter 2021

ARTH368 Art in Japan: Print Media Sections

Historical and theoretical questions concerning the development of print media in Japan, from Edo period woodcuts to the advent of digital technologies.

Winter 2021

ARTH553A Studies in Japanese Art - JAPANESE ART Sections