Ali Ahadi

Ali Ahadi is a Vancouver based artist and writer. His interdisciplinary practice spans from site-specific ephemeral installations to sculpture, photo and video-based works. Consisting of representational images, composite objects and text projections, that propose certain ways of approaching particular conceptual dualities, Ahadi’s work is constituted through addressing the problems of presentation and representation, monsteration and demonstration, and, finally, the relationships between aesthetics and contingent forms of abstractions that are not reducible to the conventional artistic determination, within politically charged situation.

In Ahadi’s work, the artistic may happen, not necessarily within the aestheticized presence, rather through creation of situations in which the heterogeneity of multiple dualities induces the transformation of an informe into a new form. His artistic and scholarly methodology involves dealing with the roles “contingency” and “Event” play in the politics of Subjectivization.
Concerning the possibilities of rupturing within the established knowledge that determine both the discursive as well as the material practices of art and politics, his doctoral research focuses on the concepts of “thought-activism”, “the visitor”, and “the poetics of that which is not”.

Ahadi has participated in a body of solo and group Exhibitions here in Canada, Iran, as well as in some other European and Middle-eastern art venues.

In 2012 he received his MFA in visual arts from the University of British Columbia, wherein he is currently a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary studies with central focus on continental philosophy and visual arts.