Spotlight on Alumni

AHVA alumni push the boundaries of technique and form. In doing this, they change the way we understand the world. Explore some of the interesting career paths and journeys of our alumni.

Alexander Alberro

BA in Art History, 1986; MA in Art History, 1990

"As an undergraduate, I found the active research agenda of many of my professors contagious."

Charo Neville

MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies, 2006

“Make as many connections as possible while in school and continually build on those relationships to foster professional opportunities once you graduate.”

Ian Wallace

MA in Art History, 1968

Wallace has said that his experience at UBC was enriched by a progressive learning environment, his fellow students, good facilities such as the library, informed and active teachers, and a contemporary cultural program of wide scope.

Ken Lum

MFA in Visual Art, 1985

Lum’s advice for incoming students of the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory is to “remember that the world is a lot bigger, more complex and contradictory than what one learns in AHVA or any other department. Another word of advice is to remember that sometimes form and content appear as opposites.”

Shawn Hunt

BFA in Visual Art, 2002

"I transferred to UBC to get my BFA because I saw UBC as a rigorous program that focused on conceptual art and theory. Much of my conceptual work as well as my understanding of art and art history comes from my years at UBC."