Congratulations to Andrea Tuele, Dean of Arts Award for Staff Excellence Winner

On December 6, Dr. Janice Stewart, Dean pro tem in the Faculty of Arts, awarded Andrea Tuele the Dean of Arts Award for Staff Excellence at the annual Faculty of Arts staff appreciation event. 

The award recognizes excellence in staff service within the Faculty of Arts, and recipients are chosen based on the significant contributions they make to productivity, quality of service, and morale within their workplace and for going above and beyond what is normally required of their position. Please join us in congratulating Andrea on this well-deserved award. 

Photo: Rachel Warwick

Andrea was hired as administrator in 2010, and the years since then have been marked by significant transformation and growth in the unit, including an almost complete renewal of staff and faculty, and the construction of the Audain Art Centre. Andrea has been instrumental in managing ongoing change while constantly improving the day-to-day operations of human resources, finance, and programming in a unit that is particularly complex, due to its mission dedicated to the practice, history, and theory of all of the visual arts. After more than a decade in her role, Andrea is an indispensable source of institutional memory and brings continuity and stability. The department was fortunate to have this stability, as well as her good judgment and cool-headed leadership, during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic when she managed AHVA’s delivery of 25 in-person visual art courses (out of 66), oversaw the safe reopening of select facilities, and was resolute in her concern for the well-being not only of the AHVA community who continued to come to campus, but also those who were learning to work, learn, and teach remotely.  

The Dean of Art’s Award for Staff Excellence recognizes in a suitably public way Andrea’s extraordinary dedication to her role as administrator and the many contributions she has made to AHVA and the Faculty of Arts. Thank you, Andrea, for your service! 

Read the announcement from the Dean of Arts Office here.