AHVA Alumna Simranpreet Anand Wins 2022 Lind Prize

Phil Lind (left) and Simranpreet Anand. Photo by Alison Boulier.

Congratulations to AHVA Alumna Simranpreet Anand (BFA’18), winner of the 2022 Lind Prize.  

The award comes with a $10,000 prize and the opportunity to produce a project with the Polygon Gallery. Congratulations to fellow AHVA alumna and finalist Natasha Katedralis (BFA’18), who will receive $2,500.

“Simranpreet’s work reminds us of the expansive possibilities of lens-based work as well as its descriptive potential. In starting with everyday materials such as spices and textiles as subjects, she demonstrates the ways in which everyday objects carry cultural weight as well as the histories global capitalism. Her ability to translate these urgent narratives into visually sumptuous, materially inventive works adds to their power.”

Anand’s prize-winning works in The Lind Prize 2022 exhibition communicate in the language of everyday materials that have fraught socio-political histories. These materials invoke the personal and intimate nature of textiles and food, while subtly revealing the machinery of globalized commodity production that surrounds them.  

Installation view of Simranpreet Anand’s insatiable desires of a bourgeoisie, 2021, at The Polygon Gallery’s The Lind Prize. Three woven dhurries. Photo by Akeem Nermo.

Installation view of Simranpreet Anand’s हमारे स्वाद की असलियत (mukti maal kanik laal heera man ranjan kee maaiaa), 2021, at The Polygon Gallery’s The Lind Prize. 4K video, colour, two-channel sound, 16 min. Photo by Akeem Nermo.

In insatiable desires of a bourgeoisie (2021) seemingly abstract squares were crafted to create pixelated images of spice mixes. Both dhurries and spice mixes were treasured commodities of a British middle class during colonial rule. Anand’s 16-minute short film mukti maal kanik laal heera man ranjan kee maaiaa (2021) reveals the wastefulness of the textile industry through the depiction ofhands delicately laying out an accumulating pile of sacred fabrics.

The Lind Prize 2022 at The Polygon Gallery ran until January 29, 2023. 

Read Polygon Gallery’s full press release here.