CCST Major Paper Topics

Modern and contemporary art, art and ecology
Contemporary art and translation
Issues of ecology and environment in art and visual culture. Material culture studies and phenomenology as they relate to place and landscape, both urban and rural. Post-humanism and the representation of animals in art.

Justin Barski

Derrick Chang

Thesis Title: "Acting Out: Beyond Queer Citizenship" (tentative) Areas - Queer experience, transnationalism, docufictional portraiture
Exhibition curated by Derrick Chang »

Louis Alexandre Douesnard-Malo

Exhibition curated by Louis Alexandre Douesnard-Malo »

Kristine Olson

Exhibition curated by Kristine Olson »

April Thompson

Shaun Dacey

Exhibition curated by Shaun Dacey »

Jonah Gray

Exhibition curated by Jonah Gray »

Jeremy Jaud

Exhibition curated by Jeremy Jaud »

Carolyn Jervis

Thesis Title: (Area: Material and visual culture of cults and alternative religions)
Exhibition curated by Carolyn Jervis »

Michaela Rife

Thesis Title: (Area: Environmental art, rural practice, geography and the politics of land use.)
Exhibition curated by Michaela Rife »

Jordan Strom

Thesis Title: The Infra-structural Image
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff

Klara Manhal

Thesis Title: Things’ Matter: Accounting for the Material Intelligence of Things
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Gareth James
Exhibition curated by Klara Manhal »

Shahana Rajani

Thesis Title: Representing the City in the Global Imaginary
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker
Exhibition curated by Shahana Rajani »

Katherine (Katie) Schroeder

Advisor: Catherine Soussloff
Exhibition curated by Katherine (Katie) Schroeder »

Eva Sofia Stalner

Thesis Title: Shifting Margins: Emily Carr and Irene Hoffar Reid
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): T'ai Smith
Exhibition curated by Eva Sofia Stalner »

Adriana Estrada Centelles

Thesis Title: Towards Necropolitics and the Destruction of Borders
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff
Exhibition curated by Adriana Estrada Centelles »

Tarah Hogue

Thesis Title: Ontological Battles and Becomings in an Exhibition of Contemporary Indigenous Art in Winnipeg
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Jaleh Mansoor
Exhibition curated by Tarah Hogue »

Mohammad Salemy

Thesis Title: Habitat Dioramas and the Age of Database & Interface
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff
Exhibition curated by Mohammad Salemy »

Jenny Walton

Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): Rob Stone
Exhibition curated by Jenny Walton »

Daina Warren

Thesis Title: The Placement of Self: Cree Cultural Cosmologies within Contemporary Arts
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Rajdeep Gill, Stephen Foster
Exhibition curated by Daina Warren »

Allison Collins

Thesis Title: Hold STill Wild Youth: The GINA Show Archive
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Allison Collins »

Darrin Martens

Thesis Title: Exhibiting Aboriginality within a Field of Spectacle: First Nations Art Exhibitions during the 2010 Cultural Olympiad
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Exhibition curated by Darrin Martens »

Jennifer Cane

Thesis Title: Surveyors & Tourists: Glenn Lewis & N.E. Thing Co. - British Columbian Space Transformed
Advisor: William Wood
Exhibition curated by Jennifer Cane »

Kim Nguyen

Thesis Title: Ease Your Feet Into the Sea
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Kim Nguyen »

Jessie Birch

Thesis Title: Introductory Copy or, Thoughts on Miméstime
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Jessie Birch »

Sophie Claude Brodovitch

Thesis Title: The Backlot: An Analysis in Six Acts
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Scott Watson
Exhibition curated by Sophie Claude Brodovitch »

Matthew Ralph Hills

Thesis Title: Sonny Assu: As Defined within the Indian Act
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Exhibition curated by Matthew Ralph Hills »

Kegan McFadden

Thesis Title: How Much Longer
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Kegan McFadden »

Elizabeth Sunran Park

Thesis Title: Limits of Tolerance and Spaces of Difference
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Exhibition curated by Elizabeth Sunran Park »

Jean-François Stephane Renaud

Thesis Title: Beyond Redemption: Gay Erotic Art
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Jean-François Stephane Renaud »

Julie Anne Bevan

Thesis Title: Material Obsessions: Janet Morton & Evelyn Roth
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Julie Anne Bevan »

Charo Neville

Thesis Title: Reprsenting Vancouver's Downtown Eastside: The Production of Meaning Within a Socially Marginalized Landscape
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Keith Wallace
Exhibition curated by Charo Neville »

Elizabeth Ann Bruchet

Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Elizabeth Ann Bruchet »

Seamus Kealy

Thesis Title: Delay, Misanthropy, Desublimation and the Counter-Tradition of the Loser: Contemporary Viennese Art and its Avant Garde Predecessors
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Bill Wood
Exhibition curated by Seamus Kealy »

Jessie Grace Caryl

Thesis Title: Re-Reading the 80's: Feminisms as Process in Vancouver
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Serge Guilbault
Exhibition curated by Jessie Grace Caryl »

Jamila Dunn

Thesis Title: Amazons of Feminine Emancipation
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan
Exhibition curated by Jamila Dunn »

Veronika Klaptocz

Thesis Title: Makeshift: Urban Interventions In Johannesburg
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Veronika Klaptocz »

Katie Ellen Spicer

Thesis Title: Museopathy
Advisor: Scott Watson
Exhibition curated by Katie Ellen Spicer »