Walking the Ruins: Fragments of Vancouver

The Miss Guides: A Cultural Walking Collective invites you to celebrate their inauguration. Festivities will take place on Sunday, June 7, from 8pm to 12am at Six Acres (203 Carrall Street), one of Vancouver’s oldest brick buildings. The evening will include site-specific sound works in the washrooms (featuring the dulcet tones of Gregor Robertson, Richard Florida, Tim Cresswell, et al.), an interactive web station, bed-sheet projections in the windows, and a sneak-peak of The Miss Guides’ upcoming street performance:Walking the Ruins: Fragments of Vancouver. Don’t miss it. Gassy Jack marks the spot.

The Miss Guides, a Vancouver-based collective, includes artistsNatalie Doonan, Sean George, and Katherine Somody, who have worked together as ‘Animateurs’ (the haughty French name for ‘Tour Guides’), for the past three years. This summer, they are departing the staid confines of the White-Walled Gallery and are taking on The City, with the same insightful commentary and deep study they brought to traditional artistic works in the gallery: from Tour Guides to Miss Guides! Using the streets as their stage, The Miss Guides (who work under the pseudonyms: Dorian, kidskid and anna swede) reveal the simple act of walking to be politicized and empowering – a way of both reclaiming public space in an increasingly privatized world, and remaining alert to the sights, sounds and smells of an ever-changing city.