Tiny Parties

Opening night party: Monday, November 1, 7 to 11pm. Show runs: November 1 to 5th, 10am to 4pm.

Tiny Parties is an interactive art installation: an eight-foot cube housing a self-contained dance party, placed in center of the AMS Art Gallery. The libidinal, sexy, sloppy, auditory, tactile transcendence of the dance party interrupts the cerebral, clean, cool, minimal, controlled, visual space of the art gallery.

The party cube is a study in the architecture of small spaces—purpose-built to house a dance party for eight people, a DJ and a bartender. The participants come and go between the exterior gallery space and the interior party space. Their time within the cube is dictated by their stamina. It will be hot, loud and claustrophobic.

University students are constantly bounced between being expected to be adults, kids, professionals, party-animals, experienced, naive, etc. Tiny Parties addresses this disjuncture by creating unexpected connections between participants through the blurring of boundaries.

The disciplining force of architectural and social signs dictate the rules of the spaces in which we operate. The passage of participants through the interior walls separating the party and the gallery deterritorialize and reterritorialize these spaces, drawing a critical eye towards the constructed nature of rules and systems of appropriate social conduct.