The Way We Were

A solo exhibition by Vancouver artist and AHVA graduate Roselina Hung

Roselina Hung (BFA 2002)

November 2 – November 14, 2009
Artist Reception: November 5, 2009, 6-9 pm

The Pendulum Gallery is pleased to present The Way We Were, a solo exhibition by Vancouver artist Roselina Hung. Her intricate pop-flavoured oil paintings merge beautifully rendered, realistic figures with areas of intense colour and bold shapes. These works touch on the concept of false nostalgia, combining visual elements from popular culture with Hung’s exposure to a westernized representation of love and family.

Her work indicates a fascination with these historical images, and the contrasting flat graphic patterns refer to the popular graphic designs of previous decades. But as a Chinese-Canadian growing up in the 1980s, this is not really her past, but a constructed past sold to her by the mass media. This series of portraits evokes false memories of romanticized love as seen through modern eyes.

The body of work examines representations of love through a visual narrative, from the first kiss to parenthood and family. The paintings in this exhibition weave together the past and the present, culminating with the final piece, a self-portrait of the artist in her studio, which combines Roselina’s larger work with her continued interest in miniature portraiture.

Roselina Hung is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London, England. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and North America, and she was recently short-listed for the Kingston Art Prize, Canada’s National Portrait competition.

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Image: Summer Romance 4; Oil on wood panel, 90 x 60 cm; 2009