The Fold: 2021 BFA/BA Visual Art Graduating Exhibition

Opening celebration: Tuesday, April 20, 4:00 PM, via Zoom. Register here.
Physical exhibition: AHVA Gallery and Room 1002 in the Audain Art Centre, UBC
Virtual exhibition:

The Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory is pleased to present The Fold, the 2021 University of British Columbia Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Arts Visual Art graduating exhibition.

This exhibition in two parts – both physical and online – showcases the diverse practices and accomplishments of this year’s cohort of graduating students. Follow The Fold on Instagram @ubcundergradshow2021

If someone were to ask about the year 2020, one might say our society is currently experiencing extreme “folds.” The fold has been understood as the opening and closing of space, whether that be something as simple as paper or as complicated as time. The fold can be thought of as a metaphor for how our universe is structured; these folds are metaphysical, in that they fold through time, space, and reality. The folding of reality and the folding of virtual reality has become all too much.

These folded lines both divide and connect us. This year, our 2021 BFA/BA Visual Art Graduating Exhibition will engage with this fold of virtual with physical but also the folding of time. Each participating artist will propose their own personal folding of time with past, present and future all being shown at one moment: The past four years at UBC (and beyond), the present moment and the future of their art practice are all folding into this current moment, this current fold.

This event is free and open to the public.
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday, 12 to 4pm

AHVA Gallery (rm. 1001)
Audain Art Centre
6398 University Boulevard

Participating artists:
James Albers
Galen Allan
Charlotte Assier
Bridget Bi
Paige Braithwaite
Sai Di
Jayden Dreher
Emma Garm-Straker
Jessica Girard
Wendy Hanlon
Sissie He
Skye He
Saher Hirani
Erinne Huston
Reiko Inouye
Emma Jenkins
Datti Kaur
Miya Kosowick
Vivian Yuen-Kiu Lee
Connie Li
Alger Ji-liang
Vicky Mo
Emily Moore
Alekhya Raghavan
Cindy Seto
Roman Stepanik
Nandia Syabrina
Aaron Tong
Shih Chi (Jimmy) Wang
Tia Wang
Natalie Warkentin
Zhu Yue