Surveilling Public Space: Perspectives on Spectacle

18 – 21 November, 2009 (Wed – Sat)
Gallery Hours: 1:00PM – 5:00PM
Free Admission
Opening with Performative Act: Nov 18, 2009 (Wed) 7:00PM

Simon Fraser University (Communication) and the Vancouver Public Space Network present a public art exhibition by various artists at the Interurban Gallery from November 18 – 21, 2009. Free admission.

Despite Foucault’s famous assertion, it is becoming increasingly clear that in contemporary society, it is impossible to separate the notion of surveillance from that of spectacle. Technological advances have allowed the surveillance of our cities to become all but invisible, yet at the same time policing and security have become deliberately spectacular. Particularly, the upcoming securitization of Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics will forge a link between spectacle and surveillance on an unprecedented scale.

Surveilling Public Space looks to comment on the increasing normalization of surveillance cameras in contemporary society. Surveillance cameras are not merely functional but are also full of social meaning. The show will portray a variety of perspectives on the act of video surveillance in public space and its social, political, and economic implications. This exhibition posits to create a visceral or experiential understanding of the meaning of video surveillance in our society.


Katelynn Bailey

Carey Dodge

V. Fors & S. Neumerschitsky

Julia Higgs & Byron Peters

Mandy Kolahi

Tina Krueger Kulic

Mireille Lo

Laura McKillop

Holly Parmley & Agnieszka Wojdyla

Dana Stewart

Amanda Leigh Theresa

C. Vallieres & P. Rarick

Lorinc Vass

Andrew Wade

Kevin Wals