Sticks and Stones

Open Monday, December 3rd and Monday December 10th, 5-8 pm.

Evan French and Marchien Veen are proud to present “sticks & stones” : the first of many things to fill an empty bracket.

Drawings of sand and handcut dovetail boxes are amongst some of the things these young Vancouver artists have been producing as of late. Often using the most complicated methods of constructing and depicting everyday objects, the two UBC students exhibit a devotion to detail and precision.

Working around the themes of labour and illness, “sticks & stones” demonstrates how repetition can function as a form of therapy or as a means of forgetting. Through mindless labour, the two attempt to capture their afflictions and make them accessible to others.

Attendees are encouraged to bring sticks and stones to add to the exhibit.

empty bracket : the garage at 2156 east 5th.
Opening reception : Friday, November 30th, 8pm – 11pm.
Hours of operation : Monday December 3rd and December 10th, 5pm – 8pm.