She’s A Boy I Knew

Part of Vancouver International Film Festival.  This film presentation is dedicated to the memory of Ken Anderlini, a longtime VIFF friend, staffer and supporter. Before his death, Ken was a PhD candidate in Art History.  He will be missed.

She’s a Boy I Knew
Canada, 2007, 70 min, Hd Cam

Directed By: Gwen Haworth
PROD/SCR/CAM/ED: Gwen Haworth
ANIM: Michael A. Mann, Diego Maclean
MUS: Daniel E. Moxon

Thursday, Oct 4th 9:15pm, Vancity Theatre, $9.50
Tuesday, Oct 9th 1:30pm, Empire Granville 7, Theatre 5, $7.50

Tickets are on sale:

Meet the Haworth family. Dad was a high school quarterback who joined the RCMP in the 60s. Mom was a typical 50s Catholic schoolgirl. Older daughter Kim is an elementary school teacher and new mom. Younger daughter Nicole is a bicycle riding eco-queer vegan. Son Steven decided at the age of 23 that it was time to be honest with himself and those closest to him and he began the process of becoming Gwen. Malgosia, a native of Poland, is Steven’s thoughtful and supportive ex-wife. And Roari is Steven/Gwen’s best friend of 18 years and Gwen’s most unwavering ally.

She’s a Boy I Knew tells the story of Steven’s transition and how that transition affects those closest to her. Using archival footage and animation to illustrate her story, filmmaker Gwen Haworth allows us to become a part of the inner circle of family and friends as they grapple with the changes that are happening and the feelings that arise along the way. What makes this film so refreshing is the thoughtfulness and self-examination of everyone involved. We’re privy to complicated yet eloquently articulated feelings of anger, betrayal and fear as well as compassion, love and acceptance. These are smart, observant, self-aware people talking about the things that are hardest to talk about, yet doing so with incredible insight, grace and honesty.

Sponsored by: XTRA!West & UBC Department of Theatre, Film & Creative Writing