Plop! Goes the World: A Critical Re-Assesment of the 1960’s

Thomas Crow
Yale University

James Meyers
Emory university

David Howard
Nova Scotia School of Art & Design

Caroline Jones
Boston Universtiy

Ted Jones
Poetry Reading

Jonathan Katz
City college of San Francisco

Cecile Whiting
University of California, Los Angeles

Jonathan Weinberg
Yale university

Jennifer Durrie
Universoty of British Columbia

Anne Wagner
University of California, Berkeley

Aniko Bodroghkozy
University of Alberta

Edward Halter
New York Underground Film Festival

Patricia Kelly
University of British Columbia

Carol Wells
Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Laurent Gervereau
Musse s’histoire contemporaine

Round Table: “Media, Medium and Message”
Richard Cavell
Eric Metcalfe
Michael Morris
Ira Nadel
John O’Brian

Round Table: “Over There”
Patrick Anderson
Thomas Crow
Ted Joans
Jill Carrick