“NEW WORK”: Michael Morris, Paul Wong, Attila Richard Luckacs and Ignacio Corral

Four Vancouver artists welcome the New Year by collaborating to exhibit work for two weeks at the site of the old A&B Sound at 556 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver.

Opening Tuesday January 6th @ 6-9pm

Michael Morris is a senior Canadian artist known for his dynamic paintings of the 1960s and subsequent work in video, performance, photography and conceptual projects.  The exhibition features a suite of ravishing gouaches realized in the last year that continue the artist’s life long project, “Colour Bar Research.”

Attila Richard Lukacs rose to international fame in the 1980s with his large, daringly painted figurative paintings.  For “NEW WORK”  he shows his series of  seven paintings called “In the House of…”.  These large scale works have as their subject Vancouver and Maui, where the artist has painted for the last several years. In a haunting style one might call “hallucinatory realism,” Lukacs catches the atmosphere, the light, the architecture and the glitz and the underbelly of our nervous pre-Olympic city in works of astonishing painterly insight. The Hawaii paintings, executed on urethane soaked paper, are of a rich tropic dreamworld punctured by social unrest.

Paul Wong is Canada’s preeminent video artist.  He handles video the way Velasquez handles paint. He has recently being producing new works, portraits, abstracts and social narratives from his home turf, Vancouver’s East Side.  Five of the dazzling new works are included in “NEW WORK.”

Since closing his gallery/boutique, DADABASE in 2008, Ignacio Corral has been painting highly realistic watercolour studies of the heads of world leaders, such as Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong-il, and Barrack Obama. These refreshing works are infused with humour and eroticism.

The exhibition was conceived and curated by Attila Lukacs on the model of the wildly successful “Basement Show” of 2004. In “New Work” the four noteworthy Vancouver artists reanimate a once busy downtown retail business on the eve of its conversion into a Graceland style nightclub/art gallery/performance venue that will go some way to revitalizing the downtown core. The idea is to show new work to a public, free of charge, in an important downtown space outside the art institutions.

The exhibition is generously sponsored by the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia; Steiner Properties; Becker Galleries; The Georgia Straight; Farmstead Wines; Heineken; Molson; and Edible Planet.

For information and images contact Kevin Greisch at <arl@telus.net>


The exhibition is open to public from January 7th to January 23rd every day from 1 to 7 p.m. and is free of charge.