New Voices Collective: “(NOT) MADE IN CHINA”

The New Voices collective presents two pieces at Gallery Gachet from Nov 2 – Dec 2 as part of the 4th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival, and Gallery Gachet’s Work of Migration series.

OPENING Fri 2 Nov 2007

TWOSPEAK is a two-channel audio recording that attempts to correct an omission in a BC historical narrative, using research material from a former Bowen Island Historian into a 1910 explosion at Bowen’s Tunstall Bay Western Explosives Factory. Podcasting details to come.

SEEING PAST OUR SKIN is a collective self-portrait of non-prescriptive personal effects.

ARTIST TALK: Wed 7 Nov 2007 @ 6:00pm
New Voices artists Eugene Lin, Heather Joan Tam, Levan Trieu and Araya Vivorakij will discuss the process behind the creation of Twospeak and the challenges encountered in attempting to correct a historical narrative using incomplete historical records and reports.

Book Re-Launch
November 25, 1pm, Vancouver Museum
‘NEW VOICES: An Anthology’ Art & Writing by Chinese Canadians of Post-1967 Diaspora in Lower Mainland BC. Plus celebrate a book launch of the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC (CCHS), and tour the Museum’s Maleta display.