Navjot Altaf

Mumbai-based artist Navjot Altaf will  give a public lecture.

Navjot is known for her photo based and video installations that reflect on the themes of violence, memory, history, and loss across India and her work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. Her Between Memory and History installation, for example, was part of the Century City exhibition at London’s Tate Modern  in 2001.  Lacuna in Testimony (2003) takes up a specific example of communal violence, the 2002 riots in the state of Gujarat; whereas Mumbai Meri Jaan (2004) addresses the continuing violence against the Bihari migrant population in the city of Mumbai. In 2008, Navjot participated in Delhi’s first public art festival: 48 degrees C: Public – Art – Ecology. Her projectBarakhambha [a street in New Delhi] examines the complex relationship between the urban environment, city development programmes, and the public. Navjot has also been involved with a series of interactive / collaborative works with other artists, musicians, documentary filmmakers, and students. These include community-based projects in Indian villages to design and create water pump sites (nalpar) and  children’s  ‘temples’ (pilla gudis) in collaboration with adivasi (tribal) artists from Central India.