Lum Space Exhibit: “Yac-Tac”

Student exhibit by the Yac-Tac Artist Collective. Justine Cheung, Janice Cheung, Peggy Ngan, and Karen Ngan.

Opening Party with special performance Mon Dec 3rd 8-10pm.  Runs Tue 10-5, Wed 10-5, Thur 10-9, Fri 10-3.


The Young Asian Twin Artist Collective stems from the uniqueness of Yac-Tac culture.  One that is infused with coincidences, cohesive thinking, and *magic and irony.  Our goal is to channel those unique elements into the creation/formation/discussion of contemporary art.

Yac-Tac as a collective is dedicated to the necessities of art flow.  To promote, support, and encourage the creation of art daily; as we believe in the innate creative qualities of art-making inside us all.  In that we practive art as a lifestyle where art and space become identical.

This will be Yac-Tac’s first exhibition.