LOOP: VISA 470A Exhibition

Tuesday November 4, 2008 - Saturday November 15, 2008

LOOP presents works by VISA 470A. Opening: Tuesday, November 4
Through to November 15th.

Danny Askew// Kath Blair// Nancy Chang// Ale Coates// Jessica Delisle// Chris Hettel// Julia Higgs// Heather Kaytor// Jason Lee// Andrew Lunny// Elnaz Maassoumian// Lauren Mckenna// Robin Mcnulty// Felix Suen//  Max Taffet// Pia Ugarte// Andrea Van Schubert// Brendan Williams

Through works which include video, print media, photography, installation and sound, the show formulates formal and philosophical questions about the nature and perception of TIME and its relation to these various media.

Opening: Tuesday, November 4

November 5 – 15
Wednesday – Saturday
12 – 5pm