Itineraries of Exchange: Cultural Contact in a Global Frame: Day 2

Time: 9:15 AM
Location: Various locations in UBC Campus

Inaugural Symposium of the Global Encounters Initiative

How do societies change in response to contact with other cultures? And what roles do objects play in mediating these connections over time and place? This two-and-a-half-day symposium brings together anthropologists, geographers, historians, Indigenous artists and activists, and literary scholars whose research focuses on cross-cultural encounters and material exchange in a global context. Invited speakers will share works-in-progress and critically assess their own approaches toward the study of cultural exchange between peoples, places, and things.

Organized by Neil Safier, Department of History, UBC (

Friday, March 5


Henry Yu, Principal pro tem, St. Johns College

Moving Knowledge Across Early Modern Frontiers (9:15am-11:00am)
Jorge Flores (History, Brown)
Florence Hsia (History of Science, Wisconsin)
Nicholas Dew (History, McGill)
Commentator: Benjamin Schmidt (History, Washington)

American Encounters in a Global Context (11:15am-1:00pm)
Kim Beauchesne (French and Hispanic Studies, UBC)
Neil Whitehead (Anthropology, Wisconsin)
Jessica Stern (History, California State University, Fullerton)
Commentator: Gaston Gordillo (Anthropology, UBC)

LUNCH (1-2pm)

Keynote Address:
“Courtly Encounters in Early Modern Eurasia” (2-3:30)
Sanjay Subrahmanyam (History, UCLA)


Crossings in the Early Modern Ottoman and Iberian Worlds (4-5:45pm)
Hussein Fancy (History, Michigan)
Natalie Rothman (History, Toronto)
Giancarlo Casale (History, Minnesota)
Commentator: Bronwen Wilson (Art History, UBC)


RECEPTION (6-7:30pm)

Evening Lecture (7:30-9pm)
“The Things Things Say: On the Metamorphosis of Captain Cook”
Jonathan Lamb (English, Vanderbilt University)
Introduced by Jennifer Spear (History, SFU)

Sponsors of this event include: the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund at UBC; Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Arts; the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre; St. Johns College; Department of History; Department of Anthropology; Department of English; Dutch Studies Endowment; Department of Sociology; Program in Law and Society; Department of Asian Studies; First Nations Studies Program; the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies; and MOA–Museum of Anthropology.