Inside Insight | A look into Art History, Critical & Curatorial Studies and Architecture graduate programs

Inside Insight is a speaker series featuring talks by six current UBC Masters and PhD students in the AHVA and SALA departments

The Art History Students’ Associationinvites you to Inside Insight, an upcoming speaker series that will feature talks by six current UBC Masters and PhD students in the AHVA and SALA departments. This will be an excellent opportunity to hear about the ongoing research and academic experiences of graduate students in Art History, Critical & Curatorial Studies and Architecture. Undergraduates curious about graduate studies at UBC will benefit from an insider perspective on these programs, as the talks will shed light on the wide range of student work that is currently underway.

Please join us to hear from:

Kristen Carter              3rd year Ph.D candidate in Art History
Jocelyn Plant               1st year M.A student in Art History
Menno Hubregtse        3rd year Ph.D. candidate in Art History
Rannen Nosh               3rd year M.A. student in Architecture
Katie Schroeder           2nd year M.A. student in Critical and Curatorial Studies
Joan Boychuk              5th year Ph.D. student in Art History

An open discussion and question period will follow the presentations, providing attendees with the opportunity to ask questions about the development of the graduate level theses. It will also open the floor to more general student inquiries about upper level research strategies, application processes, and challenges faced by the graduate student during his or her academic career.

Inside Insight is intended to provide an informal, approachable space for students to address pending curiosities and concerns. All are welcome to attend and questions are encouraged.

The event will be held Thursday February 14th, 2013 from 12:30-2:00pm in Lasserre 107.

We hope to see you there!

UBC Art History Students’ Association

With the support of the Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Theory