Fine Arts Graduate Symposium (3rd)

Helle Viirlaid,
“The Concept of Vision in Paul Gauguin’s ‘Après le Sermon'”

Leslie Dawn,
“A Structuralist Analysis of the Work of Constantin Brancusi”

Barney Andersen,
“Dynastic Implications in the Tomb of Pope Sixtus IV”

Gladys Wilson,
“Jacopo Amigoni (1682-1752)”

Ted Murray,
“Inca Architecture at Ollantaytambo: A Study of the Pinculluna Triple Group”

Pat Anderson,
“The Cow and the Calf Motif in the Nimrud Ivories; An Example of Symbolic Continuity in Near Easter Art”

Frances Pohl,
“The ‘Campaign of Truth’ in American Art”

Judy Oberlander,
“The Vancouver Courthouse Complex: A Landmark in Arthur Erickson’s Career”