Family Story: Paintings by Simon McNally

Opening reception, Friday April 20 at 7 pm

Exhibition runs from April 21st through May 6th 2007

This exhibition is curated by Julie Bevan.

Doors salvaged from discarded refrigerators serve as the surface for Simon McNally’s highly autobiographical and beautifully rendered images.  This new series of six works deals with systems of communication, memory, rituals and myths of the family—and the range of emotion that surrounds these.

McNally reckons with his own past by re-presenting it in the present moment, translating images from a sequence of family photos.  Underlying this project is McNally’s interest in exploring memory in relation to ‘objective records’ such as photographs and press clippings.  This work, which engages with emotion, aesthetics, and practice of storytelling, can also be considered McNally’s response to trends in the contemporary art world.

McNally’s technique involves multiple turns at applying layers of dark grey oil paint to the metal surface of the fridge door, then methodically scratching and gouging it away.  The resulting works are intended to suggest multiple narratives—both real and imagined.

Simon McNally grew up in Southern Ontario, completed his BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2003), and his MA at the University of British Columbia (2006).  He currently lives and works in Vancouver.

For more information contact Julie Bevan at or call Little Mountain at 604.629.8711.