“Decolonizing Museum Eyes” Curator Talk by Serge Guilbaut

Curating In Institutions – International curators talk anout their practice

“Decolonizing Museum Eyes”
Professor, Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory, University of British Columbia

Professor Serge Guilbaut’s area of special interest is Post-war American and French history, including the history of post-war Franco-American relations as they relate to art. He has lectured and written extensively on these issues. Among his notable publications are How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art: Abstract Expressionism, Freedom, and the Cold War (Chicago, 1983) which has been translated into four languages, Voir, Ne Pas Voir, Faut Voir, (Chambon, France 1993) and Sobre la desaparicion de ciertas obras de arte (Mexico City, 1995). As editor, his credits include Modernism and Modernity, (Nova Scotia, 1983), Reconstructing Modernism (Cambridge, MA, 1990), and Voices of Fire: Art, Rage, Power, and the State (Toronto, 1996). Guilbaut recently co-curated the exhibition Be-Bomb: the Transatlantic War of Images and all that Jazz, 1946-1956 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.