“City of Rich Gate” Art Exhibition

In 2005, UBC Professors Gu Xiong, Kit Grauer, Rita Irwin and Emily Carr Prof. Ruth Beer traveled to China to share their work with universities and communities in cities including Chongqing, Beijing and Xi’an. During that trip, they showed the &quo

UBC and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design professors are collaborating with Richmond residents to create public art about their identity, place and community in a multi-venue project called? “City of Rich Gate.” The title refers to the Chinese translation for Richmond.
The largest of the “City of Rich Gate” projects will open at Richmond City Hall this weekend. Visitors will see large hanging photographic panels that form “Gates,” and “Side By Side” photographic panels that juxtapose two images referring to participating families’ past histories or the places from which they emigrated and images of Richmond today. A museum case installation of “Cherished Memories and Treasured Artifacts” speaks to family histories and present life in Richmond.

Reflecting Richmond’s diversity, the project involves many families who are from China along with those from Japan, India, South Africa, Germany and Estonia.

Other “City of Rich Gate” art projects concurrently displayed includes banners outside the Richmond Cultural Centre, and “Postcards from Home” at the Richmond Museum — a project that reflects stories of Richmond children and families through art and written narratives on postcards, and bus shelter posters displayed in Richmond during the month of May.

Runs through May 2007.