A/VERSION: sophia bartholomew with kate barbaria, nelly césar, evan french, and you. Exhibition runs June 22 – July 10, 2012

“the reason i’m painting this way is because i want to be a machine.” because i want to be a factory. an assembly line of readymades: appropriated garments and regurgitated texts. words from conversations, from jokes, from art, lectures, fiction, facebook, feminist theory, politics, film, self sabotage, scrutiny, music. and a different t-shirt. everyday. for three hundred and eighty two consecutive days. a daily dance; an exercise; a hyperbole; an open door. phenomena of transmutation.

come. loan a t-shirt (more than one hundred and sixty models currently available) and leave the shirt off your back (a stand in, a stunt double – a placeholder in the archive).

make a version, and a version, and aversion of yourself.

vancouver-based artists nelly césar, evan french, and somewhat-nomadically-based artist kate barbaria will intervene with or borrow from the project during the show’s two week duration.

possibly-cheeky, post-media, project-driven-artist sophia bartholomew is recently undergraduated from ubc’s visual arts program. she is a fiction in the way that every name is a fiction. she is an imposter in her own role.

topdown bottomup is an artist run space coordinated by ubc bfa grads annie hong, ann lin, claire sproule, karen tennant and kathryn alder

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