Art History MA and PhD Graduate Student Roundtable Presentations

Winter 2013 Roundtables

All are welcome to attend the Art History Graduate Roundtables being presented by:

Jeff O’Brien (MA)
Fiction, Testimony and the Exergue of the Archive: Godard, Géricault and Hirschhorn’s Concordia, Concordia
Moderator: Robin Simpson
Rachel Smith (MA)
Beyond Epistemic Disobedience: Gesturing Towards Humor in Fred Wilson’s Mining the Museum
Moderator: Klara Manhal
Vytas Narusevicius (PhD)
Parallel Processing: Conceptual Art in the Age of Revolt, 1966-1970
Moderator: Kristen Carter

~Lunch Break~

Jocelyn Plant (MA)
Ornament in the Service of God: The Precious Covers of the Lindau Gospels
Moderator: Judy Jansen
Jacqueline Witkowski (MA)
Ever Present, Never Presented: Quilting, Feminism, and Suzanne Lacy
Moderator: Kristen Carter
Menno Hubregtse (PhD)
Aero-kinaesthetics: Airport Aesthetics and the Regulation of Mobilities in the Terminal
Moderator: Heather Muckart