Anatomize Obfuscation

Exhibition by Guadalupe Martinez, Jasmine Reimer, and Anna Wood

The Commons is proud to present Anatomize Obfuscation, an exhibition of three female artists who work in assemblage sculpture, collage, and painting. These artists’ abstract use of ostensibly mundane materials speak of these common objects as charged with aesthetic potential. The formal refinement fostered by these artists displays a loving-connection for their ubiquitous materials. The exhibition includes new work by Guadalupe Martinez, Jasmine Reimer and Anna Wood.
Martinez and Reimer articulate a kind of deconstruction of the everyday through their interplay with use value, form and colour. Their objects respond to common systems of organization, standardized within our material landscape. In Reimer’s work bundled pieces of insulation, wood and found objects act as base material for the surreal and uncanny to manifest. Through the changing nature of Martinez’s installation, realized in concrete cinderblocks and fabric, she activates the potenial of her materials in a formal process. Paintings by Wood move this kind of colloquial experimentation with materials to the surface, realizing similiar reductive gestures through paint and collage.
The liminal space created through abstraction activates an aesthetic realm of relative non-clarity. The works in Anatomize Obfuscation seem to breathe and expire simultaneously within their set aesthetic systems and utilize these systems to navigate spatial and material textures of the quotidian experience.
This exhibition has been organized by Lee Plested with the assitance of Tobin Gibson. The exhibition will open Wednesday January 16, 7-9pm, artists will be in attendance.
Guadalupe Martinez is currently an MFA candidate at UBC.