Amelia Jones

Queering Performance and Performing Queer – The Histrionic Performances of Nao Bustamante, 5:30 – 8 PM

In this lecture Jones argues that American artist Nao Bustamante queers performance and performs queer. Trickster and humorist, romantic and philosopher, Bustamante acts out through histrionics and emotional excess, treading the line between sincerity and fakery in her range of performance and installation works and provokes us to think about how we situate ourselves in the world.

Amelia Jones is Professor and Grierson Chair in Visual Culture at McGill University. Jones practices a queer, anti-racist, feminist history and theory of twentieth- and twenty-first century Euro-American visual arts, including performance, film, video, and installation—articulated in relation to increasingly global frameworks. She is the author of Postmodernism and the En-Gendering of Marcel Duchamp (1994); Body Art/Performing the Subject (1998); Irrational Modernism: A Neurasthenic History of New York Dada (1994); Self-Image: Technology, Representation, and the Contemporary Subject (2006); and Seeing Differently: Identification in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture (2012).