30th annual University of British Columbia Art History Visual Art, and Theory Graduate Symposium: Contemporary Histories – Intersecting Pasts and Futures

Friday February 25, 2011
1:30 PM - 7:00 PM

February 25th and 26th, 2011.

As Hal Foster has noted in a recent questionnaire on the subject, contemporaneity, while not a new term, has at our present moment assumed a relevance as insistent as it is diverse. Encompassing a wide array of concerns including the ambitions and anxieties of the “new” in historical and neo-avant-gardes, the epistemological status of collected objects, and the ontological status of the historian, contemporaneity lies at the heart of many of the most pressing questions currently preoccupying the humanities.

The 30th annual University of British Columbia Art History Visual Art, and Theory Graduate Symposium provides a unique opportunity to address these questions. Featuring essays by an international panel of graduate and post-graduate students from across the humanities, ambitious installations by artists of various media, and Keynote Lectures by Giovanni Careri (CEHTA, EHESS) and Judy Radul (SFU), the symposium and exhibition will investigate not only the specific ways in which contemporaneity has been and is being mobilized by scholars, critics, artists and curators working today, but also how different notions of contemporaneity engage our collective pasts and anticipate our shared futures.

Symposium: Lillooet Room Irving K. Barber Learning Center, 1961 East Mall, UBC

Exhibition: AHVA Koerner Library Gallery Room 112, 1958 Main Mall, UBC

Friday, February 25th

1:30—1:45  Opening Remarks

Panel I


“Ana(Beyond)khronos(Time): Arrested Temporalities in Titian’s Pietà (c.1570 – 76)”
Ivana Vranic, University of British Columbia


“Drawing at the Hour of Its Shortest Shadow”
Andrew Witt, University College London

3:15—3:30  Coffee Break


Keynote Address: “The History of Art as the History of Prophecy”
Giovanni Careri, Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales


Reception and Exhibition with Artwork by:
Emily Hui, Heather Passmore, Joomi Seo, Kevin Immanuel, Vytas Narusevicius, Jordy Hamilton and Derya Akay

Saturday, February 26th

Panel II


“The Architectural Anachronism of Quebec City”
Aude Gendreau, Turmel, Laval University


“The Living Monument: A Consideration of the Politics of Indigenous Representation and Historical Public Monuments in Quebec”
Sarah Wilkinson, Concordia University

11:50—12:05 Coffee Break


Keynote Artist Address: “Appropriate to the Present”
Judy Radul, Simon Fraser University

1:05—2:05 Lunch Break

Panel III


“Machine Vision, Machine Response: What Neurology Tell us About Contemporary Photography”
Karl Fousek, University of British Columbia


“Doubled Sense of Resistence: Markortoff Collection of Photographs of Doukhobor Daily Life in the 1920s – 1950s”
Natalia Lebedinskaia, Concordia University

3:25—3:40 Coffee Break

Panel IV


“Restoration without Historicism: The Contemporary Stakes of Church Reconstruction in Provincial Russia”
Sonja Leuhrmann, University of British  Columbia


“Unmoored Time: David Reed and the Contemporary Moment”
Andy Patton, University of Western Ontario