3 Days Off

Exhibition runs September 13th to September 30th, 2012.

“3 days off”, is an exhibition in two parts that presents the work of “a young artist in Vancouver”Dustin Brons. He points laconically, but never brusquely, to the latent humour embedded in the business of contemporary partying rituals and meditations on the Utopic; making appropriate and astute mockery of the intensity and seriousness given to these activities by their players and their discourse. Ironically, in perpetuating these reconsiderations, Brons propels their critical interrogation, and even is perhaps futile in democratizing these contrasting occupations addressed in his interactive work Party Tonight (2011) and 1-channel HD video, The Artist Discussing His Idea of a Perfect Society (2012). In recalling that Brons is pointing, one is reminded that the Concepual tradition of pointing à la Baldessari is suggestive and provocative, speculative yet removed, and poignant in his or her bystanding.

The first portion of “3 days off” will be realized exclusively online on TGG’s website. It will be translated into a concrete exhibition at The Amazing Gallery in Vancouver this coming Fall.
Going live Friday, August 17th at http://tobingibsongallery.com/and opening Thursday September 13th – September 30th at the Amazing Gallery, Vancouver BC

Dustin Brons is currently a BFA student at the University of British Columbia.