28th Art History Graduate Symposium – “Material Affinities: Intersections that Matter” Day 1

Saturday February 7, 2009
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The 28th Annual UBC Art History Graduate Student Symposium starts today

Opening Reception February 7th, 5:30pm

The theme of this year’s conference investigates the notion of materiality as a methodological approach to artistic and cultural production. Materiality is a theoretically and philosophically embedded concept which can describe the substance or quality of a ‘thing’ and demands an attention to the relationships that it solicits from the human agents around it. Ultimately, it has offered art historians a means of retaining an interest in ‘context’ whilst reinvesting in the ‘formal’ qualities of art (without the ‘formalism’). At the same time, it is a way of opening up a space for discussion between disciplines and modes of production of knowledge, both scholarly and creative.

February 7 Saturday

Keynote 11:00 – 12:00pm
Dr. Jennifer Marshall
University of Minnesota (Art History)
“Materiality’s Material Conditions: Toward a Social Art History of ‘The Thing’”

Lunch 12:15 – 1:00pm

Interfaces: Surfaces, Phases, Spaces
Chair: Michael Windover, PhD, UBC (Art History)

Mike Borkent MA, UBC (English Literature)
“The Materiality of Cognition: Concrete Poetry and the Embodied Mind”

Olubukola Gbadegesin PhD, U of Virginia (Art History)
“Shots in the Dark: Reconstructing the 19th century Black Lagosian Photographer”

Sarah Kowalski MA, U of Alberta
(Department of Art, Design, and Visual Culture)
“Materia medica: (re)fabricating the body in Deborah Hall’s Medical Histories and Pam Hall’s New Readings in Female Anatomy”

Eric Hoff PhD, UBC (Interdisciplinary Studies)
“Tecnomaterialism: the Biotic and Virtual Rupture”

Coffee 3:00-3:15p

kaleidoscope: Light/Assemblage
Chair: Jillian Taylor Lerner, Postdoc, UBC (Art History)

Taisuke Edamura MA 2008, McGill
(Art History and Communications Studies)
“Vitreous Demeanor and Gerhard Richter’s Moving Glass”

Namiko Kunimoto PhD, U of California
(Art History)
“Tanaka Atsuko and the Circles of Subjectivity”

Ilona Spaar PhD, U of Basel & UBC
(Art History)
“Material as Social Surface in the Art of Brian Jungen”

opening reception 5:30 pm
(hosted in lasserre)