A film tracing the roots of West Coast Modern Architecture.


Three Generations of inspired living

Presented by the Art History Students’ Association &
The Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory

As the first feature of our Film Nights 101 series, the Art History Students’ Association is pleased to announce the screening of Coast Modern, an independent documentary film that explores the dynamics of west coast modern architecture. Join us at the Norm Theatre on November 20th at 6pm in order to experience a world of architectural design characterized by its handling of space and light, and a close connectedness with the natural environment. From Los Angeles to Vancouver, Coast Modern investigates the influence of various architects and their experiments in stripping down design to its ‘natural roots.’ Commentary from architects, historians, designers and academics offers insight into evolving design concepts that push sleek precision through untamed existing landscapes.
We are delighted that one of the film’s co-Directors will be in attendance for a brief talk and discussion after the screening. Their extensive knowledge of modernist building concepts and visually breathtaking portrayal of west coast architecture provides a contextualized glance at design practices that hit close to home. We extend a warm invitation to all students and faculty with an interest in art and architecture, in the hopes of facilitating dialogue on principles that have shaped, and continue to shape, architectural design in this part of the world.