20th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Saturday March 10, 2001

déjà vu all over again: the image in revision

Nimmi Rangaswamy,
Ph.D. Candidate, Bombay University
Assistant-editor. The Economic and Political Weekly “Inventing History: Mass Culture and the Dravidian Movement”

Cindy Stelmackowich,
Ph.D. Student, State University of New York,
“The Body in the Theatre of Desire: Re-presenting Science in the Space of Art History”

Kim Philips,
Ph.D. Student, University of British Columbia,
“Curtains of Another Kind: Keeping up Appearances in United Berlin”

Morgan Peter Currie,
Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University,
“Memories of Michelangelo: The Risen Christ, the Maria Raggi and the Recreation of Meaning”

Anthony Torres,
Ph.D. Student, University of California, Santa Cruz,
“Enrique Chagoya: Representing Subalterity”

Aaron Glass,
Ph.D. Student, New York University,
“Art, Non-Art and Anti-Art: Dialectics of Value for imagery form the Northwest Coast”

Steven Harris,
“The Poetics of Disenchantment: Experimental Art after World War II”

Richard Meyer,
“The Jesse Helms Theory of Art, Censorship and Homosexuality in Twentieth-century American Art”

Frances Pohl,
“The Politics of Art and the Politics of Art History: Presentation of recent work”

Sabine Wieber,
“Schlaf, Barbarosa, Schlaf: Munich Rediscovers its Medieval Past”

Alex Alberro,
“Reforming Trauma in Post-Reunification German Art”