2011 Mahatma Gandhi Commemorative Lecture – Through a Radioactive Lens

John O’Brian. Lecture starts at 7:30pm

John O’Brian
Through a Radioactive Lens

Presented by the J.S. Woodsworth Chair, and co-sponsored by The Thakore Charitable Foundation, The Institute for the Humanities, and the India Club of Vancouver

Mahatma Gandhi and his legacy have been honoured at Simon Fraser University since the unveiling of his memorial bust in the Simon Fraser Peace Square in 1970. Each year the Gandhi Jayanti celebration brings members of the community together with others who wish to honour his memory and ideals.

This year, we are proud to present the visiting scholar award to Professor John O’Brian, Art History, UBC, for his recent work on how the history of the imagery related to the Atomic Bomb has acclimated us to the bomb.  He will be speaking on the topic: Through a Radioactive Lens. Professor O’Brian’s lecture and photographic images will show the flash points and intersections between nuclear events and Canada’s ambivalence about its role in those events, the existence of non-violent protest, and the uses of photography as a cultural image bank for our nuclear times.