2008 UBC BFA/BA Visual Art Graduating Class Exhibition: Today’s Special

Thursday April 17, 2008
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

UBC BFA/BA Visual Art Graduating Show:… until Sunday April 27th, 2008.


Opening: Thursday April 17, 6-10pm
Dates: Friday April 18- Sunday April 27
Hours: 11am-6pm daily

650 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, B.C. (near 2nd Ave. & Main Street)

TODAY’S SPECIAL is an exhibition showcasing artworks from UBC BFA/BA visual arts students.

These graduating students’ artworks reflect a socially critical perspective and an acute art/historical/cultural awareness. Many common threads link these aesthetically diverse works: e.g. the construction of identity:
childhood, gender, race, sexuality; reflections on digital technology; city planning, urban construction, and the coming Vancouver Olympics; the environment, ideas of nature, and the landscape tradition; nostalgia; labour.

We invite you to view the artworks of these emerging artists, and to an evening of celebration and fun at our warehouse venue: 650 Industrial Avenue (East of Main Street, 1 block north of 2nd Avenue).

Exhibiting Artists

Stephanie L. Brown Gerry Gauthier Katherine Nagels
Melissa Campbell Jessica Goldstein Jesse Nguyen
Russell Case Claire Hasako-Young Byron Peters
Hera Chan Kat Jenson Evan Quinn
Josephine Choi Jiyoung Jung Karen Santos-Galindo
Kaneu Miah Choi Jessica Katz Alison Shields
Christopher Chou Annie Kim Diana Suarez
Ryan Corbett Erin Krahn Heather Joan Tam
Kevin Day Jonathan Lorne Kate Tan
Katherine Dennis L Basil McMahon Renee Unruh
Julia Dilworth Mandy Merzaban Josy Valero-Frias
Caitlin Eakins Malika Montague Brendan Williams
Benjamin Fussell Alicia Munro Robert Yau
Lucas Gallagher Kevin Murphy Irene Yee