16th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Saturday March 1, 1997

Critical Chaos – The Positioning of Visual Culture Within Art History

William MacGregor, Keynote Speaker, Killiam Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Fine Arts, UBC

Lynn Ruscheinsky, University of British Columbia, “Ballgowns and buckskins: sex, the Body and the Making of a Mohawk Princess”

Sarah Louise Schrank, University of California San Diego, “Creating Bohemia: Space, Commercialism and Identity at the Ferus Gallery in LosAngeles, 1957-1966”

Patricia Levin, University of California, Irvine, “Outside the Safe House: Queer Desire and Representation in the Public Sphere”

Kathleen Matthews, Florida State University
“The Dandy Redefined: The Construction of Identity in the Paintings of Romaine Brooks”

Cheryl Finley, Yale University,
“Trans-Atlantic Messengers of the Cause: The Currency of Abolitionist Art and Artifacts”

Sergio Allan, University of British Columbia
“Brasilia: The Subverted Utopia”